Rachel O'Hara

Legacy Cop


Rachel has shoulder-length brown hair that she usually keeps pulled back into a ponytail, and a scattering of freckles across her strong face. Physically, she’s pretty, but the tension in her—the intensity—makes her beautiful.

Intelligence ●● Strength ●● Presence ●●●
Wits ●●● Dexterity ●● Manipulation ●●●
Resolve ●● Stamina ●● Composure ●●

Virtue: Justice
Vice: Gluttony


Rachel comes from a cop family. Her father, Joe, was a good Irish Catholic boy, the favorite son. At least, he was until he married a Jewish girl named Irene. His brothers mocked him for it, but his dad just said, “at least she’s not a Protestant.” Irene’s family threatened to disown her for marrying a gentile. So Rachel grew up here, away from the bulk of the family in Boston, just because her dad was tired of getting grief from both sides of the family.

Joe was a cop, old fashioned and hard-nosed. Rachel’s granddad once told her that Joe’d been born with the nightstick in his hand. He’d been a cop too until he retired, along with her great-grandfather and his father before him. Joe figured the dynasty was done, but to Rachel, it was never a question. She joined the academy as soon as she was of age.

She worked her way up from pounding pavement on the street to a position as a detective. When she got her detective badge, her granddad told her it was “adequate,” despite the fact that he’d never made detective in his entire career.

Rachel moved into Hill Manor apartments with a guy, but they broke up. She liked the place, so she kept it. She even liked the poker game, despite her feeling that Mike had a problem.

After the incident, she continued in the SKPD before being promoted to head detective. She also married Michael in 2005, but it was a rocky affair that lasted only a few years until she found Michael in their bathroom, his lips blue, skin sallow, empty bottle of sleeping pills by his body.

She’d kept her name through the marriage, and doesn’t make it a habit to let people know she was married.

Rachel O'Hara

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