Basil Carruthers

Podcaster for the San Kaissa Oracle - "The True-Believer"

Intelligence ●● Strength ●● Presence ●●●
Wits ●●● Dexterity ●● Manipulation ●● (+1*)
Resolve ●● Stamina ●● Composure ●●●
(*Striking Looks)

Age: 29
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Lust


Well-versed in conspiracy theories of all kinds, Basil’s drive to speak the truth and cast pods has brought him to The Oracle. Fortunately, the news source and Basil are simpatico and their arrangement works nicely.

Basil has his finger on the pulse of San Kaissa and knows who to call when a particularly pertinent story needs confirmation. His small amount of fame and generally striking looks garners him some attention when he is going about his daily routine in San Kaissa. However, he always senses when Danger is lurking around the corner.

He may or may not be dating Barbie.

Basil Carruthers

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