Alicia Yee

Photographer for the San Kaissa Oracle


Age: 24
*Virtue: Faith
*Vice: Wrath


Intelligence Strength Presence
Wits Dexterity Manipulation
Resolve Stamina Composure

Size: 5
Speed: x
Defense: x
Armor: 0
Initiative Modifier: x


Mental Physical Social
-3 unskilled -1 unskilled -1 unskilled
Craft (Photography ● ● Larceny ● ● Persuasion ● ●
Stealth ● ●


Unseen Sense ● ●
Occult Vision ● ●

Excellent at computer manipulation of images, she uses her skills to show to the world what she can see naturally with her occult vision and “unseen” senses. She is also very good at running away in heels. Reasonably decent skills in larceny, stealth, persuasion and the craft of photography.


Her goal is to make the best possible show for the Oracle at any cost.

Alicia Yee

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