As It Seems: A Chill Semester

Session 4 (EOR): Never Safe Again...

The End of a Nightmare.

September 12, 2013. Violence escalates in the sleepy university city of San Kaissa. Assaults, attempted murders, and attempted suicides are reported by concerned neighbors, and a panic ensues when the cause is revealed to be a new strain of virulent tetanus called CPT.

Citizen turns on citizen as no one is sure who is safe.

And the intrepid reporters of the San Kaissa Oracle are there, reporting on local goings-on.

Player Cast:

David L.: Barbara Oldroyd
Desiree: Basil Carruthers
Jade: Ritch Picley
Jen: Alicia Yee
Renae: Kate McFadden

A recording of this session can be found here.


I’m going to be cracking up about CPT all week.

SimonBailey SimonBailey

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