As It Seems: A Chill Semester

Session 2 (CT!): A Cold Day in School

Club Recruitment and Ghost Hunting.

September 9, 2013. After CharGen, students of California State University San Kaissa converge for their second week of classes. It’s Club Week, leading up to a memorable Friday the 13th and a campus tradition, the Dorm Parade (which all the players decide to avoid).

Instead, everyone goes ghost hunting! Who can guess how well it’s going to turn out for these meddlesome kids intent on having an unorthodox college experience.

Player Cast:

Susan: Claudia Evelyn Bird
Jade: Feather Briggs
Chuck: Jimmy Edwards
Courtney: Morgan Christas
Russell: Zeke Reefs
Jonathan: Samuel Merf

A recording of the session can be found here.


SimonBailey SimonBailey

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