As It Seems: A Chill Semester

Maybe it already exists, but I came up with a “Chitter” logo that I’d like to share, as well as a few of @Kate_Cant_Wait ’s “cheets” (“tweets”), sent during the time period of our last game:

@fooz_bro Dude, RU avoiding me?
@mike_stanson_PhD-Candidate omg when RU going to change your handle. Such a turnoff #lame
@barb-Droid I wuz gonna ask, is that your real name?

What is up with the freak snow? Anybody? #sankaissasnow #sankaissa2015 #sankaissa2014

@fooz_bro Hang my bra on the knob again #killafool

Can’t even believe these children graduate high school. #studentscantwrite #wtf #retakehighschool
^Kate on the first day.




And you’ve inspired me, Renae:

Now hurry up and register @kate_cant-wait so that I didn’t just inadvertently “at” a total stranger! :P

Mid-Week Taster: Kate's "Cheets"

oh hell yes. You get an XP, Renae!

Mid-Week Taster: Kate's "Cheets"

Things may have gotten out of hand…

Mid-Week Taster: Kate's "Cheets"

What have you unleashed, Dave?

Mid-Week Taster: Kate's "Cheets"

Renae’s got mad gif game. :D

Mid-Week Taster: Kate's "Cheets"

@Micge: You have no idea…

Mid-Week Taster: Kate's "Cheets"

We should have a Patreon level that includes those backers as BCCs in our regular emails to each other.

Then they’ll know the true struggle.

Mid-Week Taster: Kate's "Cheets"
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