Michael Nero

Strung-Out Paramedic, Deceased 2005


Michael has a gaunt look to him, like he doesn’t get nearly enough sleep. His uncombed hair is wild and thick. Three days of stubble is scattered across his cheeks and chin, and the worst part is, it works for him. He’s more attractive when everything’s just slightly askew than he is when he cleans up. Which is basically how he likes it.

Intelligence ●● Strength ●●● Presence ●●
Wits ●●● Dexterity ●● Manipulation ●●
Resolve ●● Stamina ●●● Composure ●●

Virtue: Faith
Vice: Gluttony


Michael was a hard worker. He’d always been. When he was young, Michael spent his summers helping his grandfather renovate the family’s vacation house. It was his escape from the harsh city and its dangers. He was convinced that everyone in his family was going to get mugged or hit by a drunk driver or any number of other morbid nightmares he had about the city’s horrors. But it was different here. Calm, soothing. He rehung walls with his grandfather, installed new windows and even helped out with the roofing. It was nice to do things with his hands, to see the immediate difference from his work.

One day, while he was on the roof, he saw his grandfather fall in the yard. He whispered to the boy that it felt like a demon was sitting on his chest. By the time the paramedics arrived, Michael’s grandfather was dead. They tried for twenty minutes to resuscitate him, but there was nothing they could do.

Michael never went out to the vacation house again. The family sold it a few summers later, but Michael had already learned a lesson from it and moved on: death comes everywhere. He blamed himself for failing his grandfather. He should have been able to help him. He read up on heart attacks, and if he had only done this, or given him that, he could have saved him. His family thought he was being noble when he started school to be a paramedic.

To Michael, death meant meaningless violence, fear and indignity. Life had meaning, and must be preserved, if only to stave off the entropy of death. He started riding the night streets with his partner, and soon he discovered that he didn’t actually have the resources to deal with the constant loss of patients.

But the pills took the edge off that, at least until the [[Session 1 (EOR/CT!): Prologue | night in the Hill Manor Apartments]].

Of all the people there, he just couldn’t get his head back into reality. His only tether to the world was Rachel, and they entered into an unhappy marriage a few years after the incident.

That still wasn’t enough of an anchor for Michael, though, and he committed suicide in 2005, overdosing on sleeping pills.

Michael Nero

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